We recently completed the final stage in our re-branding of the organization - blending the old with the new.  The new logo was designed to represent leadership and mentorship.  The "i" showcases a profile silhouette of a student using leadership, or a mentor, to learn from as he/she moves his/her community forward.  The icon also represents the letter "u" to emphasize that change starts with an individual - with you.  A special thank you to the Iroots Media team for guiding us through this process.



The Leadership Institute, based at the Santa Fe Indian School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was established in 1997 to create a space for discourse on a wide range of public policy and tribal community issues challenging the vitality and spirit of the 22 Tribal Nations in New Mexico. This work led to public and Tribal policy impact, beginning with “Community Institutes,” bringing together members from the 22 Tribal Nations of New Mexico, topic experts and policymakers on a series of pressing state and national issues impacting Native and non-Native populations.

The Institute has since served as a catalyst not only to create this discourse, but also to train community members and specifically youth on public policy issues in order to create systemic change starting within Tribal communities. Since 1997, The Leadership Institute has expanded its scope of work to be guided by four major themes: Mentorship, Community Service, Public Policy, and Critical Thinking in the following programs:

1.  Community Institutes

2.  Summer Policy Academy (Year one and two)

3.  Curriculum Development

4.  Brave Girls Project 

5.  Pueblo PhD Cohort

6.  American Indian Higher Education Resources (AIHER)

7.  Community Research & Evaluation

8.  NM Summer Youth Tribal Employment - Internships

9.  Pueblo Convocations

10. Program Design and Incubation

Through careful development and application of Indigenous cultural philosophies to the scope of these Institute programs, the organization's wide-reaching and intergenerational programs are poised for potential expansion to other sites.