Shannon Douma (Laguna Pueblo/Hopi Tewa) - Ms. Douma serves as Head Recruiter and Summer Director for the Summer Policy Academy Year One program. She is a graduate of the Santa Fe Indian School and received her undergraduate and Master's degree from the University of Minnesota. A long-time educator, she is employed at the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pablo Padilla (Zuni Pueblo) - Mr. Padilla serves as Head Faculty for the Summer Policy Academy.  He received is undergraduate degree from Harvard College and his JD from University of New Mexico School of Law.  Prior to going to law school, Mr. Padilla worked for his community of Zuni in the Environment Department. After working for several years in private practice, and as in-house attorney for Isleta Pueblo, Mr. Padilla is in private practice representing educational institutions. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

Patrice Chavez - Ms. Chavez's role is critical to the success of the Summer Policy Academy Year One and Year Two program. In her capacity as SPA On-site Coordinator, Ms. Chavez makes sure all aspects of programming are planned for and remain on schedule at the Santa Fe Indian School Campus, Princeton University Campus, and Washington DC sites.  At the Santa Fe Indian School, she serves in the capacity of Dean of Students.

Ron Martinez Looking Elk (Isleta/Taos Pueblo) - Mr. Martinez Looking Elk serves as a consultant to the Leadership Institute. He received his Bachelors degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts. For many years he served as the International Development Specialist for Americans for Indian Opportunity.  Ron currently consults with organizations across the country and will be developing the Leadership Institute's Pueblo Art Academy.

Dr. Michael Foster Dr. Foster is the External Evaluator for all programs under the Leadership Institute umbrella. Dr. Foster utilizes the collaborative evaluation process that includes dialogue with all members of the LI staff, participants, faculty and students. Through his ten years with the program, Dr. Foster has helped craft and tighten programming to be efficient and effective.  He received his Doctorate from the Harvard University School of Education and his MPH from the University of California Berkeley.