100 Years of Federal Policy and its Impact on Community

Central to the discussion on Core Values is an understanding of their interaction with external entities, including national and global contexts, which have resulted in policy development for Native American peoples over the last 100 years.

The trends within the last 100 years of federal Indian policy are clearly outlined in all Leadership Institute programming and serve as a catalyst for discussion on the most critical issues impacting Tribal communities and peoples today: Native cultures, governance, religion, health, education and economic development. These trends include the following,

1.  Removal of and from traditional homelands

2.  Prohibition of Native religions and religious persecution of Native traditions

3.  Federal control of Indian education

4.  Prohibition of Native languages

5.  Federal violations: Indian Reorganization, Assimilation, relocation and termination

6.  Civil Rights and Indian Self-Determination

7.  Language, cultural, governance and religious restoration Leadership Institute participants are asked to consider the 100 Years of federal Indian policy in comparison with the Core Values of their own Tribal Nations. In this time of Indian Self-Determination, the challenge is then issued—What will be your contribution?